Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

The above comment is the story of my life.  Always missing opportunities, or perks and hearing about how great they were later.  This has taught me to be more observant and take those opportunities when they are presented instead of analyzing the crap out of information untill I talk my self out of whatever it was I was considering.  Or letting others talk me out of "crazy" ideas.

I was watching "Ice Loves Coco" on TV (great show  by the way, but I feel bad for how they portray her, Im sure she is much smarter and deeper than that, you can tell by looking at her)  I was struck by the story he told at a speaking he was doing at a college, about the priest and the flood.  I have heard it before, but to hear it again struck a cord that it had missed in the past.  To sum it up for those of you who have not heard it;  A priest is standing in flood water to his knees and a boat comes by to rescue him and he says no, the lord will save him.  This happens 2 more times while the water still rises and he turns it down.  The water passes his head and he drowned.  When he got to heaven, he asked god why he let him drown, and god said " I sent you three boats!!!" 

So, on to the point of this post.  The past few weeks I have noticed a huge increase in the ammount of information available about Psoriasis and related issues.  Tonight on MSN there was a link to a ton of information! ( heres the link for anyone that wants to check it out)    The information on the link was great.  It was a little basic but it was a good start.  I have to admit, I was very angry when I first read it.  I cried and threw a fit.  After a little reflection (and looks from my hubby) I realized why I had that reaction.  Im jealous.  I know it sounds petty, but I am petty sometimes.  Im not proud of it, but Im human, and I know alot of people who are petty sometimes. 

I am jealous because there were so many good articals;  how to apply make up, how to date, how to dress, tons of information.  Where was all this stuff when I was a young girl??  Why did I have to figure all this crap out on my own???  Now that Im already married, and some what content with my skin and am already an expert in dressing to hide the sores the articals come flowing out.  Well, I am glad they are here, they are doing the same thing I intended when I started this blog. To help other people that dont already know what I know. 

One thing I will say, as an observation of mine, whether im correct or not, is  I think all these articals, the ones on MSN and everywhere else are a result of the drug companies.  Have you seen the "psoriasis speaks" campaign comercials??  They are realistic for the insecure person.  For someone like me who has accepted my situation, and learned to deal with it, im a little offended because they make it seem like people who have this should be ashamed and self concious.  They are bringing more attention to the disease because they now have a product they can sell and make a profit.   These articals for the most part were common sense advice.  Dont wear dark shirts if your scalp is flaking!  Wear long sleeves if you dont want to have to explain to every Tom Dick and Harry what is all over your arms.  So obviously im still a little bitter, but I am glad for the young girls and boys that will not have to go through what I did.  I am also greatful there is medicine out there that can now stop or slow down the progression.  Now if I could just get medical insurance to pay the arm and leg the drug companies want for this stuff.  

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