Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In a Funk

Well,  not a whole lot has been going on here.  So I have not written in a while because I did not have much to say.  I went to my family Dr to ask for the medical marijuana recomendation and he said no, he only refers his cancer patients for medical marijuana.  He said its because he dosent have to worry about his cancer patients becoming addicted.  But.... he did increase my Oxycontin dose.   I have no Idea.  I would have much rather tried the medical marijuana and took my chances with "addiction" to pot than keep taking these "hillbilly heroin" tablets.  He did some bloodwork as well to see whats going on with the weight loss. 

I got a call to come in and discuss my bloodwork.  That is a call that will make your blood freeze.  Normally they just call and say everything is fine.  So I make the appointment, and wait biteing my nails and churning my stomach untill the appointment.  Im in the room waiting, the Dr comes in and says. Hi what can I do for you today, and I said, well, waving the card about bloodwork at him and said you tell me. 

He then looks at his notes and says "ohhhhhh,  well I was going over your bloodwork, and you have some real high levels that indicate inflamation.  I was concerned and wanted to ask if anyone has ever talked to you about arthritis"  My Jaw dropped. "Are you serious!!!!!!" I snapped.  He has been my Dr for 5 years!!!  so I proceeded to show him my disfigured swollen fingers, my scab covered skin and remind him he is the one that put me on 15mg of oxycontin 4 times a day for pain.   It took everything I had not to cry.  He obviously remembered me after that, and probally felt like and ass.  And as if he was doing me a favor, he said, I will not charge you for todays visit, I cant do that all the time, but I know you pay cash and they get expensive, so i will cut you a break today.  Really??!!! Thanks, if you were going to try to charge me, I would have exploded and hit the roof

I have an appointment later in June to see my specialist, I will talk to her about the medical marijuana recomendation.  She might be more receptive if for no other reason to get me off the oxy.  I might have to do a stint in rehab though.  If I do not take them on a fairly regular basis, I do get real bad withdrawl symptoms.  I just dont want to have a heart attack or something.

I also after about 2 years of working on it have gotten my hearing infront of an administrative law judge to try once again to get on permenant disibility.   I hope i can get it this time, I really could use the medical benefits.   If I can get the approval, I can subscribe to state retirement benefits for about $100 a month as opposed to the $700 I cannot afford lol.  Plus they have no preexisting conditions clause, so as soon as they have open enrollment, I can sign up and start my meds as soon as possible!!  I will keep everyone posted on that, It is not untill late July.  The hearing.

That is all for now, and as always, Thank you for your interest and checking in!! 

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