Here I will post photos and information on anything I am working on.  There will not always be directions, but if anyone wants directions, just ask and I will do my best to put up clear informative ones!!

Here are some photos of a hand sewing project I have been working on. I have not touched it in over a year. I know hand sewing sounds counter productive for my condition and that's exactly what I thought because it hurts bad to do. My rheumatologist swears it is OK and even good for my hands, so I am excited because it is something I enjoy. I cant say how many more years it will take me to finish, if it ever gets finished, but I enjoy working on it. I can sit how ever I need too to work on it. I don't need to bend over a machine. It travels well also, which is nice when I know I have somewhere to go that I will just be sitting (future remicade treatments?)

I can post directions if anyone wants them, but there are a ton of sites out there with better directions I could ever give. It is called English paper piecing. Maybe if your like me, you can figure it out by the photos. The biggest thing is the templates have to be exact (the paper you sew the fabric around) that is where your accuracy is important for all the pieces to fit together perfectly. The fabric doesn't have to be perfect. you also don't need to go overboard sewing the octagons together like I did, about 8 - 10 whip stitches per inch I have read is sufficient.

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